Hi Dario.

Dario is awesome
I KNOW YOU ROCK!!!!! i love dario he like fame hazel says hi
I hope that your trip is going well
Some new sites for your consideration:
Cool Science for cool kids like you

Check out Extreme Science too!

Make some ART at Viscosity!
It’s worth looking at a screencast showing how to use it.

Writing subtitles for over-the-top Bollywood movies is a lot of fun at Bombay TV. You can then email the url to a friend or post it on your blog or online journal.

I recently discovered Willing To Try, a fascinating site that’s hard to describe. It shows various shapes, like a circle or a stick. You click on one (for example, on the circle). It then gives you a choice of it being a moon, stick, or hole. You choose one, and then you see a short and simple story in movie form using the circle as the form you chose. I guess you just have to see it….

Welcome Back! ope that your trip out west was memorable. StickMan Rocks too! Our perception is subjective. Check out these illusions done by Lotto Lab.