Watch the inspiring video of this 13 year old who climbed the tallest mountain in Africa.
Read the inspiring story of this 12 year old who received $6.5 million for his ideas on computer games and a compancy .

Cool physics game in process of being improved.

Here is one that I came across that involves mindreading: MINDPOWER the link there, choose a card and any four letter word. Move the ring of cards so that your card is over the first letter of your word. Then press red button. After cards or letters rearrange, again move cards so that your chosen card is over second letter in your word. Red button. Continue for third and fourth letters of your word. In a number of trials, only once was it not able to correctly identify the card and word chosen by one of four of us.

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam . Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands . HEMA also has stores in Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany . In June of this year, HEMA was sold to British investment company Lion Capital.
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A very simple game...

Maze Game

Fraction Frenzy

JWorm – A speed- based game that is simple and easy to learn but surprisingly involving. All you have to do is help the Jworm eat apples so he can grow. Watch out that he doesn't hit a wall or himself.

JWORM with mouse control
Escape getting hit by the blue blocks and touching the black wall.
Collection of math sites.

Teddy Bear knockdown

Interesting stuff
Buckle Sound Mixer
Drums set
Noisy Games
DrumLine composition
Virtual KeyBoard