Summer is here...

What to do???

On this page I will be posting some ideas for your consideration: On the web, check out
Make an online picture with MutaPic
Do some infomation networking at Skoogo
Learn to draw in 3d with Mark Kistler's help
Make a flag that reflects you
Make a quick drawing and post it online here
Check out the Earth Calendar and holidays happening on your birthday
If you have an interest in astronomy and have a powerful computer, check out Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope
EveryScape - Street Level Tours of Cities
Become a NumberNut
Piki Kids - Comic Strip Creation
If you have a fast computer with high speed internet, play some fast math at SuperMath
Browse books at LookyBooks
Listen to audio stories at StoryNory
Visit Priory School's Kids Onlysite
Check out Levers and try to get the final reward
Test your sheep dash reflexes.
Try to have Red build a set of bridgesfrom one side to the other before blue does it.
Try the Frame Game.