The 2008 Presidential Race

Here is a link to a listing of the more than 400 people who declared their candidacy for the office of president. The numbers have really grown in recent election cycles.

The mainstream media which helps shape our views has trouble following and articulating more than a literal handful. Money shapes the body politic.

Many estimate that the spending will well overshoot $2.2 billion just on tv related ads. From this blog The four leading presidential candidates have already spent more on the Iowa primary race than John Kerry spent on his entire presidential ad campaign in 2003 and 2004. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has become the first presidential candidate in history to have already aired more than 11,000 political ads costing nearly $8.6 million.

Just as a public service, here's a little info about the primary: For adults and their kids.

Those of voting age will need to show photo ID or sign an affidavit if you don't have ID before you can vote. You will also need to ask for a Republican or Democratic ballot -- you can vote in either primary regardless of your party affiliation. In the Presidential primary, you may vote for one of the listed candidates or for "Uncommitted." Uncommitted means you are voting to send delegates to the national convention who are not promising to vote for any of the listed candidates. This has gotten a lot of press recently with regards to the Democratic primary since a number of the "major" candidates are not listed. However, it is an option for either party. Write-in votes will not be counted! If the candidate you want is not listed, writing them in will not count as a vote for them.

Finally, please take your kids to vote with you! Voters are made, not born -- your kids need to learn from you that this is an important part of being an adult in this country.