Here are some strange websites that folks have created.

Website Address (URL)

Brief Description
make Paul dance around with or without backup dancers
tests with the cute marshmallow bunnies
Create Your Ride
peanut butter how do you use it?
Don't Press the Red Button
do not press the button!
Click the Color, Not the Word

Traffic Jam version
Avatar Maker
Sheep Game
101 uses for duct tape
poke him!
how much lemonade can you sell in a day?
wizard trick
Rock Starter

Play Simon
the world's smallest website
Oracle Of Bacon
Whizzball Foam Bath Fish Time Band Aid history Phone Spell BubbleWrap popping Reflex Game Lemonade Game I Know where Bruce Lee Lives How Much is Inside? and Toilet Seat Art Museum The Phobia List MegaPenny Project Privacy Info on the Internet SwitcherooZoo
Zombo Com Emotion Eric Edible Insects info
Muffin FIlms